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Dude Store Inc.

This is the dude brand main e-commerce website. You can find a big variety and latest releases to our exclusive line of products.

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Shop It

Shop It saves you time when shopping! It’s like being at your shopping mall except now all your favorite retail stores are available to you at the click of a button!

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The Furniture Store

The Furniture Store (TFS) prides itself in its ability to produce unique furnishing to customer specifications. Here, furniture is the heart and soul of interior design.

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MonViso mineral water from the highest natural spring in Europe. It is pure, minimally mineralized, and with one of the lowest sodium content in the world. Shop Now.

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Polo goes a step further than other outlet stores to offer the full variety of Polo products, from all leather saddles to suede girths, you can find it right here!

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Oriental Paper Products can address your paper needs, no matter where you are. Regardless of what you’re looking for, if it’s made out of paper, get it here!

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ElectroShop provides electronics ranging from tablets to televisions to a worldwide customer base. We at ElectroShop guarantee the best prices and speedy delivery.

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Sanadiki Pro

Sanadiki Pro originates from Damascus, Syria. They customize a vast spectrum of furniture from beds to office desks and ship globally with door-to-door delivery!

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Feed Me

Feed Me's mission statement is to sell food and delicious drinks of the highest quality. From pasta to curry, from Italy to India, you can find it here at Feed Me!

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At Vanina fashion is a tool for social and environmental change, positively influencing and working around the local community. Say it differently and shop at Vanina.

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House Of India

House of India offers a tantalizing menu to wet your taste buds. You can now have delicious Indian cuisine delivered straight to your doorstep with no fuss, no bother!

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The Beauty Store

The Beauty Store was founded in 2010 by aspiring beautician Lama. With hard work and perseverance, the brand has developed into a trademark in the industry.

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Love My Pet

Love My Pet is not only a store for your dog, cat, or fish, but it’s a partnership with pet owners worldwide. We offer the products you need to raise a healthy animal.

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My Curtains

My Curtains prides itself in not only being a curtain retailer with a vast selection, but also a fashion pioneer whereby it specializes in the latest curtain trends.

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Light Up Your Life

Light Up Your Life harvests the benefits of e-commerce technology to provide door-to-door quality lighting services and products for extremely affordable prices.

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Book Store

The Book Store boasts a huge collection stock of all types of books and genre, but unlike your local choice, it offers international shipping to anywhere in the world!

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We have the wedding card that you need, customized to the theme and style of your ceremony. Our selection ranges from traditional to modern laser-cut designs.

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The Persian Carpet

The Persian Carpet Company is built on three generations of rug-makers and prides itself on swift delivery and a wide selection of genuine and quality carpets.

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Dress Me

Dress Me has the dress for you. We meticulously hand-pick designers who provide the cut at Dress Me in order to ensure that you look the best you can at any event.

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Find a medley of artwork under a variety of painting styles from various talents here at Bodashtart. Whether your interest is in pop art or street art, we have it here!

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The Pi Store

The Pi Store is based in Beirut, Hamra, and can swiftly deliver Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Beaglebones and various other types of microcomputers!

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